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This is the official website of unrefined first cold pressed (extra virgin technology) sunflower oil under the Vivid brand. The website provides the information about the hi-end technology we are utilizing to produce this unique product. Furthermore, have a look at how our common food and dishes are becoming tastier and healthier with Vivid oil. You are also able to share the opinion by writing a review on the product. 

VIVID 100% extra virgin
unrefined sunflower oil


Unrefined oil Vivid is obtained with the first cold extraction (Extra Virgin technology), that is without heating the seeds. The maximum amount of vitamins and trace elements are persisted in the oil by using the technology of first cold press. Our oil has a pleasant taste and is rich in useful properties which are beneficial to the human body.

VIVID oil is suitable for doctor Shevchenko's (curing method)

VIVID is 100% organic and never refined oil

Only using (Extra Virgin) first cold press technology and produced in Russia

VIVID oil is ideal for salads and other dishes


It is possible to order the product to your address around the Kazan city.(Russia) The minimum order of a box (18 bottles / 0.7 litres each) or two 5 litres bottles. 

Please address any further questions to the tel. :
292-33-97, 8 (917) 288-50-88

30th of June, 2017