premium quality first cold press sunflower oil 100% Extra virgin

Vivid means “a life and bright”. The oil gained the name for its unique healthy benefits. This oil is obtained by the first cold extraction (Extra Virgin technology), so without heating the seeds. With this process the maximum amount of vitamins and trace elements remain in the oil.

So, why don’t we see the oil that often for sale? Or for a very high price. Or we do not see it at all.

The fact is that the yield of oil using the traditional cold press technology is very small, which is economically unprofitable and impractical for the manufactures. However, at present, advanced technologies of Czech-German equipment have allowed us to radically reduce the prime cost of Extra Virgin sunflower oil. Simultaneously to improve its quality and to make the price of Vivid oil affordable and attractive for the customers.

Distinctive features (signs) of first cold press Vivid oil are:

1. The maximum amount of healthy vitamins, micro-elements and polyunsaturated fatty acids

2. Light and delicate aroma of fresh seeds with a pleasant natural taste

3. A saturated yellow color

4. The appearance of the oil is cloudy, it is possible to have a natural sediment, which indicates its naturalness

We see the olive oil as our main competitor.

In turn, sunflower oil is much more beneficial for humans, it was repeatedly noted by Dr. Agapkin SN. (Russian doctor) in the program “On the most important” on the “Russia” channel (The program on the Russian television about human health) :

• There are 5 times greater amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids in (Extra Virgin) sunflower oil than in olive analog

• Vitamin E, which is the most important natural antioxidant, is almost 4 times greater

• The amount of harmful saturated fatty acids in olive oil is 1.5 times greater than in sunflower oil

• Olive oil is 3-4 times more expensive than the (Extra Virgin) sunflower one.

In 2015 Vivid oil was awarded the gold medal of the interregional competition “The best goods and services of the Volga region Gemma”.